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This is our medical mobile plan awaiting to come to reality! 

Many isolated , sick people  are waiting for us to bring health and hope straight to their communities.
Would you help us

 "Rolling The House"?

Don't wait.  
Be a friend and be part of our growing circle !

Donate at http://www.thehouse4u.org

Giving Rise To Healthier Communities
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Diana Abt  Board Secretary
     It is our honor and a  pleasure to welcome Diana Abt as the new member and secretary of The House Portable Medical Care Board.  
She brings strong qualifications and unmeasured commitment to our team.  And most important, a heart to serve those in need, as a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.
As the Board of Trustees, we are excited to continue to serve our community in a unique way, and to bring her as  part of our growing team.  We also want to thank Mrs. Brenda Velez, for  her work and support as our past secretary.

     Es un honor el darle la bienvenida a Diana Abt como nuevo miembro y secretaria  de nuestra  junta de directores .  En adición a traer excelentes calificaciones, su compromiso inigualable a servir a los más necesitados se debe a su gran amor por Jesús, nuestro Señor. 
Como miembros de The House Portable Medical Care,  sirviendo a nuestra comunidad, nos honramos con su presencia en este, nuestro equipo.  Mil gracias a Brenda Velez, nuestra pasada secretaria por su gran trabajo y esfuerzo durante su término.

Thanks both for serving in this capacity and make our mission come true.  

Dr. Maribel Aviles, M.D.


We are excited! We have become an  officially recognized not for profit 501c3 entity by the IRS.  And as such, donations  made to The House Portable can be tax deductible, a help  for you and your family if you want to claim it as you help others.
We have started our Let's Get The House Rolling Campaign, as a way to raise the money to build our "Mobile House"
Visit our Facebook Page soon for details on how you can be part of this exciting and powerful community and medical outreach.
Let's give "Rise to Healthier Communities" together!
Thanks much,
Dr. M. Aviles

Meet our Board of Trustees 
The House Portable Medical Care, Inc. 
Dr. Maribel Avilés, M.D. Founder and Chair
Ms. Marie Casado, R.N. Vice Chair
Mrs. Brenda Vélez Secretary
Dr. Isidro López, M.D. Board Member Healthy Children Pediatrics
Ms. Karina Urquhart Board Member Owner Kamour Spa

We are working hard to bring that mobile to you for ongoing medical health care.  This is wonderful news , as we align ourselves with our vision of reaching you for your medical care!  
This will affect how you schedule your appointments as our last appointment day will be July 3st 2012.  We hope to resume patient care by Winter 2012.
Until then, keep posted via our Website.
Any urgent medical issue should be evaluated and treated at the nearest emergency room.  Try to establish care with another primary care doctor according to your need.
Thanks to all of you for your patience and for trusting your medical care to us,

Dr. M.Aviles, M.D.
Estamos trabajando arduamente en pos de nuestro vehículo móvil de manera que comencemos a evaluar a nuestros pacientes de acuerdo a nuestra visión original:  la de  llegar a nuestras comunidades!
Esto afectará la manera en la cual podrá atenderse con nosotros.  Nuestra última cita disponible será el dia 31 de julio del 2012.  Esperamos contar con nuestro móvil en el Invierno 2012 y comenzar a atender nuevamente, pero mientras tanto debe dirigirse a sala de Emergencia para cualquier problema médico, o establecer cuidado de salud con un proveedor de salud.
Mientras tanto, mantengase informado visitando nuestro Web periódicamente.
Gracias por su paciencia y por su confianza en nosotros,

Dr. Maribel Aviles, M.D.
As we reorganize and bring all the resources for The House Portable to operate at its full, we will be treating only patients that have been established with us.  We expect to resume evaluation and treatment for new patients by Fall 2012.  Please keep posted; and thanks for your patience.

Together with Mark Cruise, M.Div
We finally instituted The House Portable Medical Care, Inc. Board of Trustees and its governance Bylaws on April 23rd, 2012.  We are excited about this new step moving us forward to the goal!
     I want to acknowledge every and each Board officer  for their effort, input and commitment to this organization and its vision.  This is one of the final steps towards becoming a 501c3 organization and serve our community as such.  Thanks to Mr. Mark Cruise, our consultant, advisor and brother in Christ, for his patience, perseverance and sound advice during the organization of this Board meeting and for walking this walk with us! (Learn more at http://www.freeclinicsolutions.blogspot.com/  ) 
     Thanks to the new Vice Chair, Marie Casado, R.N.; Mrs. Brenda Velez, Secretary; Ms. Karina Urquhart ( from Kamour Spa), Officer; Dr. Isidro A. Lopez, M.D., officer; and Mrs. Carolina Urquhart (Graphic Design and Media Development),  for your enthusiasm and for standing together as ONE in this endeavor.  
     Last, but not least, thanks to all who have said Yes, as their hearts are touched:  Reverend José Hernández, who has offered to act as a consultant and volunteer,  Pastor Maldonado, who has been a supporter of The House's vision; and all our spouses, who by standing by our side have kept us going.
   Let's never forget our vision and let the "Mission"  continue!

In thanksgiving,

Dr. Maribel Avilés, M.D.
Chair and Founder

Our Board of Trustees
Just temporarily, The House will schedule patients only on Tuesdays from 10AM-2PM at the same location.  You will still be able to visit our website and make your appointments online. Once we have the final schedule, we will announce it right here, and update it in our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-House-Portable-Medical-Care-Inc/209363869084157   
On a final note,  thanks to all those who have contributed to The House, allowing patients without insurance to be seen and cared for!
Special thanks to Kamour Spa,  Legacy Labs, Mid Florida Imaging, LabCorp,  Dr. Isidro López, M.D. & Dr. Carmen Alfonzo, M.D. at Healthy Kids Pediatrics; and Dr. Bracero, M.D. at  Orlando Center for Women's Health , for your kindness and your commitment to our vision.
Sólo temporalmente, nuestra clínica The House  estará atendiendo pacientes  únicamente  los martes de 10AM- 2PM en la misma localización.  Podrá continuar visitando nuestra página electrónica y hacer sus citas a través de ella.  Una vez tengamos el horario final, estaremos anunciándolo tanto en este Blog como en nuestra página Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-House-Portable-Medical-Care-Inc/209363869084157.

Finalmente, unas palabras de agradecimiento a todos los que han contribuido con nuestras clínicas  permitiéndonos  continuar atendiendo a pacientes sin seguro médico, especialmente:
Kamour Spa, Legacy Labs, Mid Florida Imaging, LabCorp, Dr. Isidro López, M.D. & Dra. Carmen Alfonzo, M.D. de Healthy Kids Pediatrics; y al Dr. Bracero, M.D. en Orlando Center for Women's Health.  Gracias por su generosidad y su compromiso con nuestra visión.

This is our focus:  that portion of the latino community who may be afraid, impoverished and facing language barriers to access health care.
A community with health disparities in need of a cultural approach and big ears in the planning of their medical treatment.
And contrary to what this picture could suggest, not every of them is bold enough to extend their hands to ask.
This is why we spent our third meeting planning our  5K race fundraiser:   For Them!  We are focused! We are ready!  We want to Run For Them and raise the monies to offer free care, to those who wouldn't be able otherwise.  Would you help us?
Stay  Tuned for event's details, and RUN FOR THE HOUSE!  

¿Nuestro enfoque?  Esa porción de la comunidad latina en los E.U. con escasos recursos,  quizás atemorizados , enfrentando barreras de lenguaje para recibir cuidado de salud y quienes necesitan tratamiento médico tomando en cuenta la cultura y estilo latino.  Y  contrario a lo que esta foto podría sugerir, no toda nuestra gente se atreve a extender su mano para pedir.
Por esta razón dedicamos ésta, nuestra tercera reunión , a planificar el próximo evento para levantar fondos mediante nuestra carrera 5k. " Por ellos... Para Ellos"  queremos Correr y así proveer cuidado médico gratis a quienes no pueden hacerlo de otra forma.  Estamos listos y enfocados.   Intégrate y Corre(o camina) con nosotros en  "Run for The House" .  Mantente al tanto  de los detalles de este evento y anímate a hacerlo por Nuestra Gente, Nuestros Hermanos!

Let's talk about the minimum cost for a PAP smear collection for a patient without insurance:
1.At a Private Gynecologist (with office visit):  $300* minimum
2. At a Private Family Practitioner : $175*
3. At a funded charitable organization:  $20
4. At The House Portable Medical Care: same as #3, only when    we become funded by grants.   
*These prices do not include pathology cost at local laboratory ranging from $75-$125
IN THE INTERIM WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Until we become a  formal  5013c organization we'll need your donations to make it easier for our patients to get it for free!


Let's give rise to healthier communities together!

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